Rachel Ray Acai

by jennifer
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One day last month I was watching TV and I happened across the Rachel Ray Acai berry show. It was the show in which she raved about the health benefits of a particular type of acai berry juice. I had recently started to worry a little bit about my health so the timing of this show was meaningful. In general I didn't get sick very often. Aside from the one day last month, I can't really remember the last time I was really sick or even had a serious sore throat. That said I was taking my good health for granted. I knew eventually my good luck might just run out. A close family member had recently lost his battle with cancer. If I did not come to grips with taking care of my health, it would be easy to slide further downhill. Furthermore, I was showing signs of age that were becoming depressing. I could not turn back time but I could take steps to help me age more gracefully. I was starting to notice facial wrinkles and a few grey hairs. The most brutal thing was that I am thirty pounds heavier than I was 5 years ago. It was time to admit to myself that middle age found me and start being kinder to my body. Rachel Ray acai berry show was a big motivation.

I watched the Rachel Ray acai show intently. Everything she said about acai berry sounded fantastic. She said she was losing weight and was feeling more energetic. This new health superfood was exactly what I needed to kick start my new healthier regime. I found out shortly thereafter that there was already a big acai following among other celebrities. Oprah had an acai show that featured Dr. Oz. Before that Oprah featured the ten superfoods recommended by renown dermatologist Dr. Perricone that were supposed to make you look 10 years younger in 10 days. Acai was one of these superfoods. Acai juice is an antioxidant, it reduces inflammation and it is a metabolism booster. It has the essential fatty acids and omega 3. It helps with cardiovascular health. It really sounded to good to be true. This Rachel Ray show provided the kick start I needed to get motivated.

In adopting a new healthier lifestyle, I also knew that I would need to change my eating habits and start to exercise a few times per week. Those factors had to be embraced. Acai berry alone was not going to be enough to achieve the changes I wanted. I was really excited and felt really committed about making good changes in my life. I was determined to lose weight. I could be in control of my body.

Rachel Ray likes acai juice and spoke about acai juice on her show. Although I was tempted to go out and buy some juice immediately. The only thing that kept me in my pajamas was the thought that I might run into my boss as I live very close to my office. The hazards of taking a day off. The risk was not worth it. I did a fair bit of internet research for the remainder of the day. I wanted to confirm that acai was as good as Rachel Ray claimed. In doing my research I learned all sorts of things about acai. In no time, I became really convinced of the many health benefits of acai berry. I also learned about a common acai berry scam.

Acai really is a true superfood. The more I read the more convinced I became. Acai comes from a palm tree only found the Amazon rain forests of Brazil. It has been used for centuries there. The berries are harvested and the pulp is used to flavor numerous foods. It was introduced to North American and European markets over the past decade. The only moderately disappointing research study I could find was in regard to the antioxidant capacity of acai. A blended acai berry juice has approximately the same antioxidant power as black cherry juice and or pear juice. It seems to be a better antioxidant than pure orange juice but not quite as good as red wine or pure pomegranate juice. That is ok by me as it is still an antioxidant and I noticed that they tested acai blended juice against pure fruit juices. The results might have been slightly different had they tested pure 100% acai juice.

I came across some information about free acai berry scam. As with most anything, acai has attracted some dishonest people who are content to exploit people. There are a number of web sities that offer a free acai trial. These web sites ought to be avoided at all costs. It looks like some people have been tricked into signing up for a long term contract when they are just requesting a free acai sample. Make sure you read the fine print if asking for a free sample. The safest thing you can do is avoid the free samples and not order from a web site that offers free samples. Remember when something sounds too good to be true it is likely not true. There are a lot of complaints from people who have found some unexpected charges on their credit card bills. The free acai trial sample is simply not worth it.

The next day, I tried a few different types of acai berry juice. The taste is like a cross between berries and chocolate. The taste was a bit strong for me when taken alone, However, when I mixed it with orange juice or soda water it was delicious. Despite liking the acai juice I decided to go with the acai caplets. I met some people through a diet web site and they made some recommendations for buying acai online. I found a reputable dealer that seemed to have the best prices and a loyal following. I have recently ordered my first three month supply. My diet is going super well and my exercise regime is improving. I am really committed to the healthy lifestyle process and I feel confident that acai berry will help me achieve the goals I want to achieve. The episode on Rachel Ray acai juice just put the healthy back into my lifestyle.